Buy 3 6oz Bags with Discount Automatically Applied at Checkout. $59.99. You Save: $18.00! (23%) GlycoFlex 3 for Dogs (120 Tablets) GlycoFlex 3 is the most complete joint formula, providing factors necessary for joint restoration, as well as added MSM for maximum comfort during recovery. Stage 3 contains perna canaliculus, glucosamine HCl, DMG .... EXCESSIVE DROOLING, PANTING AND PACING — Stress causes a rise in body temperature and an increase in saliva production and sweat. REDUCED APPETITE — If your pet loses interest in food, it could be a sign of stress or an underlying health issue. EXESSIVE SHEDDING — During vet exams, dogs will shed more than usual as a response to discomfort. Take another 16% off this item. Use promo code "May2022" at checkout. Vetri-Science Glyco-Flex III Soft Chews is a supplement for dogs with advanced joint pain and stiffness. This glucosamine supplement contains high levels of nutrients that increase flexibility, reduce inflammation and assist in rebuilding joint tissue. Item #: VS0900569.120.. "/>Vetriscience glycoflex 3 maximum strength